[user-forum] Blofeld OS Upgrade

Christian Ragnarsson christianragnarsson at yahoo.se
Thu Feb 5 22:17:54 CET 2009

I used the BlofeldV1.11slow.mid through windows media player. Worked for me.


Från: Lorne Hammond <lhammond at uvic.ca>
Till: user-forum at waldorf-forum.com
Skickat: torsdag 5 februari 2009 21:28:39
Ämne: [user-forum] Blofeld OS Upgrade

I am trying to go from 1.02 to .11.  I can play midi files from Ableton Live into the Blofeld and the red light flashes.
I play the OS by itself on channel 1 and nothing, no midi light, no screen message.  

I have tried a USB 2.0 port with a generic usb cable.  I have unplugged and rebooted Live and the Blofeld and did the same only using midi, no usb connection. Nadda.  Music plays OS doesn't get a response.  I get a single "bing" note close to the end of the non-looping OS. 

Are there any keystrokes/menus I have to be in or hidden unprotects for the Blofeld I have to unlock.
Why utility or global doesn't take you to midi send receive and sysex is beyond me.  this is now 4 hours of time spent.

The readme file says if you can't usb at 480 meg/s you need to use midi and reduce your temp.  Well 480 meg/s is not a sequencer tempo.  I tried 100, 400 and 60 bpm.  no juice.

lorne in Canada
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