[user-forum] Little SCD thing

Robert van der Kamp robertnet at mac.com
Sun Apr 20 00:51:39 CEST 2008

On Apr 20, 2008, at 24:40 , facciamolafinita wrote:

> Sorry... actually i think the tune you have posted is nothing special.
> I find the sounds are not unpleasant but... I'm afraid I have to say  
> this
> tune sounds pretty ordinary to me, and a little bit boring, perhaps.
> It makes me thing of music made for department stores, sort of. Yes,  
> you're
> right, you ended up riassembling the most exterior aspect of the  
> less fresh
> among the medium-old tangerine dream music. Please take it as a  
> stimulating
> critic. Whoever you are, if you went through the tiring practice of  
> sound
> programming, composing, fine tuning... then you surely have the  
> force and
> will to do better music. Maybe, keeping things simple, essential.  
> Then you
> can build, after you get the inspiration. I think this track lacks
> inspiration and ideas. It lacks magic, knowledge or sense of  
> knowledge,
> values, ideals, identity, joy, force, tenderness, love,  
> magnificence, truth,
> beauty........... well, you name it... it lacks evrything, it is  
> just some
> chords and delayed sounds. (It could be dub, if the sounds were less
> insisting and toy-like, and if it had more sense of... well.. dub.  
> Not that
> it has do have it to be good, though.)
> Perhaps taking out some sounds and leaving the essental and more  
> convincing
> ones, you can still restart from a solid base, "architecturally"  
> speaking.
> Thanks, take care

Wow, lol. That's a lot of words.

- Robert

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